Ambrogio Sanelli

What sets our company apart is the passion: an engine always pushing us to transform the impossible into reality, to provide cooking professionals the best possible products.


Ambrogio Sanelli


The experience of yesterday, the enthusiasm of today, the challenge of tomorrow

All was born in 1864 in Premana, a small village in the Italian Alps where iron has been worked for many centuries, exploiting the mines of the upper valley, when thanks to the idea of restoring an old water pipe to generate electricity, Ambrogio Sanelli set this fascinating enterprise in motion: the production of cutting irons – essential, simple, reliable tools.

This is how our company was founded: based on water, iron and earth. An isolated territory that is wild and difficult, yet at the same time able to reward efforts and imagination, creating a sense of belonging and love of work. An entrepreneurial territory that has transformed its geographical limits into its strong points.

Still nowadays, with the fifth generation, this passionate family experience goes on. The constant research and the extreme passion for work keep the company in continuous evolution, up to the acquisition in 2015 of Montana, an historical cutlery brand since 1925, to even better pursue the main goal: manufacture reliable and high quality knives. Quality that is not born by chance, but has grown over the years with commitment, effort and time. A lot of time.


Ambrogio Sanelli


Production plant

Manufacturing of Ambrogio Sanelli knives is a perfect combination of handcrafting tradition and technology innovation. These values come together in Premana facility, where we completely manufacture our products.

The long-time experience of our craftsmen is combined with the latest technologies to pursue efficient processes and high quality standards. The extreme attention adopted production-wide, from sourcing of the best steels and excellent heat treatment to the hand-made finishing of all blades and handles, reflects in our products and it is a clear expression of our values and identity.

Professionalism, experience, continuous research of high quality materials, maximum attention to detail…


A jewel in the Alps


Our homeland

Premana is a small village in the Italian Alps, on the east side of Como Lake, where Ambrogio Sanelli is headquartered.

A village where the iron working has a long tradition and heritage, and where still nowadays there is an important manufacturing district.

A small village with great professionals.

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